BDVA input to the Framework Programme 9

BDVA submitted its position paper concerning the upcoming Framework Programme 9 (FP9).
A strong data economy is emerging in Europe with large companies and SMEs clearly seeing the fundamental potential of Big Data Value and AI for causing disruptive change in markets and business models. Digital platforms dominate value creation across all sectors and they are at the heart of the digital economy. Business dynamics are changing and usage of data will define global competitiveness. To secure its (industrial) prosperity, Europe needs industrial leadership in Data Platforms and AI Platforms, and in the fields of technology that are key for the development and operations of Data / AI platforms.

The BDVA Position paper identifies the "Future Challenges of the European Data Economy and Society" and recommends public interventions n the form of horizontal cross-sectorial actions in data value and AI technologies to ensure European leadership in the Digital Transformation of society.
The paper also emphasises the need for partnership and highlights some measures to strengthen the existing cPPP, successful in H2020 as a focal point to bring together Industry from across Europe to tackle a common challenge in a systematic and structured programme of R&D&I.
Find the position paper here