BDVA becomes DAIRO!

In 2020 and taking into account the end of the 2014-2020 Multi Annual Financial Framework and the advent of the post 2020 European Commission’s programmes (i.e. Horizon Europe and Digital Europe), BDVA members decided to strengthen the Association by giving it a new mandate, a new name and by expanding its scope and breadth of activities. In 2021, BDVA thus becomes DAIRO.

BDVA/DAIRO workshop on Trustworthiness of Industrial AI

On the 17th of February, BDVA/DAIRO held a workshop in the area of Trustworthiness for Industrial AI (see further details on the announcement of the workshop here). This online event gathered over 50 members of the community, including large companies, SME’s, researchers, technology providers and users, to discuss research and innovation needs, gaps, opportunities and challenges that Trustworthy AI sets to the industry across sectors. The workshop also focused on mapping concrete examples of critical, high-risk applications that will require trustworthiness conformity assessment.

BDVA/DAIRO at the 1st SLICES workshop on the Next Generation ICT Research Infrastructures

The 1st SLICES workshop on the Next Generation ICT Research Infrastructures will take place online on Wednesday the 3rd of March in the afternoon and Thursday the 4th of March in the morning.

BDVA/DAIRO President, Thomas Hahn, has been invited to contribute to the discussions and in particular concerning the challenges in the area of Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing and will intervene on the second day during the session on socio industrial perspective. You can consult the full agenda of the event here.

If you are interested in the event, do not hesitate to register here. The workshop background document is also available here.

BDVA/DAIRO at the IoT Week 2021

IoT Week is an annual event organized by the IoT Forum since 2011. The IoT Week conference gathers industry and academia representatives from around the world. The 2021 edition of the IoT Week will take place from August 31st to September 3rd, 2021 and offers possibilities for physical (in Dublin) and online participation.

BDVA/DAIRO is an institutional partner of the event and will lead the organisation of two tracks in relation to Data Sharing Spaces and Trustworthiness of Industrial AI. More information on the content and scope of these sessions will be shared soon.

BDVA/DAIRO on its way to launch an initiative on Trustworthiness for Industrial AI

In order to respond to the demand from the community, BDVA/DAIRO is planning to launch a new internal initiative aiming at gathering feedback and defining a roadmap for possible activities in the area of Trustworthiness for Industrial AI.

More concretely, the initiative could focus on discussing burning topics such as the usefulness and importance of shared criteria for defining and assessing Trustworthy AI, the possible challenges and obstacles (both technical and organizational) in implementing these criteria across different sectors, the role of conformity assessment and standardisation in this domain and most pressing needs in terms of verification and validation of industrial AI solutions. 

Outcomes of BDVA/DAIRO Activity Group Meeting 42 - 4th of February 2021

On the 4th of February BDVA/DAIRO organised an Activity Group Meeting for its members, the first of 2021, focused on discussing the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes and particularly the aspect of European Data Sharing Spaces included in the latter. 

Up to 120 members of the community participated in the plenary session and the agenda involved presentations from over 30 speakers and experts, including from the European Commission.

The next Activity Group meeting will be organised in March. More information will be available soon. 

If you are interested in these BDVA/DAIRO activities and you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us at


BDVA/DAIRO Response to the public consultation on Data sharing in the EU – common European data spaces

BDVA/DAIRO welcomed the possibility to provide feedback to the public consultation on Data Sharing in the EU – common European data spaces and more particularly to the Data Governance Act and its inception Impact Assessment.

The association response was prepared by Task Force 5 - Policy and Societal in collaboration with BDVA/DAIRO office and involved the organisation of a workshop and of a series of other consultation activities aimed at gathering the feedback from the community.

The full text of BDVA/DAIRO response to this public consultation is available here.

If you have questions on this response, do not hesitate to contact the BDVA/DAIRO office at