CEN-CENELEC JTC 21 on Artificial Intelligence

The CEN-CENELEC Joint Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (JTC 21) was created on 1st of June to shape standardisation that ensures the development of trustworthy AI systems that respect fundamental values and human rights recognized in Europe. JTC 21 brings together 96 experts from 12 countries, nominated through their national standardization organisation and has a delegation from the European Commission.

JTC 21 produces standardisation deliverables in the field of AI and related use of data to address European market and societal needs. This work aims to advance EU legislation, policies, principles and values. The committee also considers the adoption of relevant international standards and standards from other relevant organisations.

Feedback period for Data Act & amended rules on the legal protection of databases is open

The act aims to facilitate access and use of data, especially from business-to-business and business-to-business perspective. Rules on the legal protection of databases are also reviewed as a part of the initiative. 

The public consultation will be open until the 3rd of September. In addition to gathering information of b2b and public data sharing, the European Commission collects views on Smart Contracts, non-personal IoT data stemming, portability for business users of cloud services, GDPR & portability right, intellectual property rights & protection of databases, and safeguards for non-personal data in the international context.

Our community, projects and partners made Data Week 2021 a success!

During the course of three days, the Data Week 2021 brought together over 450 experts from the BDVA/DAIRO community, projects and partners, and the EUHubs4Data European Data-driven Innovations Hubs Federation community to join the discussion. BDVA/DAIRO says a big thank you to all the participants, organisers, speakers, partners and collaborators!

Speeding up Industrial AI and Trustworthiness - Position Paper

A position paper introducing a comprehensive industrial and trustworthy AI framework has been recently published in its consultation version. The position paper summarises the presentations and discussions of Franco-German workshops, including numerous received feedbacks. It also aligns with national and European related roadmaps to industrial and trustworthy AI. It should be seen as a first step in speeding up Industrial AI and AI trustworthiness across Europe. Find the paper here.

BDVA/DAIRO pushes forward the work on standardisation and interoperability at the AG44

April's Activity Group Meeting (AG44) focused on contributions from research and innovation projects and BDVA/DAIRO members to data and AI standardisation and interoperability activities. The event, organised in collaboration with BDV projects, gathered nearly 100 members, Big Data Value Project portfolio representatives and other key stakeholders to exchange views, experience and ideas.

The EC proposes regulation and actions to foster trustworthy AI in Europe

Today, 21st of April, the Commission unveils the proposal for European artificial intelligence regulation. Combining the proposal with an updated Coordinated Plan on AI, the EC aims to guarantee the safety and fundamental rights of Europeans while strengthening AI uptake, investment and innovation across the EU.