EBDVF 2024: Sponsorships & partnerships available❗

BDVA is glad to let you know that the sponsorship and partnership packages for the European Big Data Value Forum 2024 are available as of now❗ European Big Data Value Forum is BDVA’s flagship event, bringing the whole European data-driven AI rese...

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EBDVF 2024 provides opportunities for companies, research institutions, associations and other organisations to support the event through sponsorships or partnerships. This year’s edition features engaging packages tailored to meet the needs of various representatives within our ecosystem. We will showcase your brand in multiple formats across various channels to maximise visibility and since the content will remain online long after the event, you will continue to benefit from the exposure. EBDVF typically attracts 500 to 700 attendees each year.

The sponsorships / partnerships are made available in numerous formats, for different budgets, adapted to industry needs, to research organisations and SMEs and also for projects. BDVA members benefit from a discount price.

Learn more about the sponsorship and partnership packages HERE and you can become a sponsor/partner NOW❗

Please fill in the form on the platform and join us at EBDVF 2024, in Budapest, Hungary❗