BDVA welcomes 10 new members


On the 16th October 2019, the BDVA General Assembly officially welcomed 10 new members, among which there are 5 Full Members and 5 Associate Members. New members come from 6 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain and UK....

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On the 16th October 2019, the BDVA General Assembly officially welcomed 10 new members, among which there are 5 Full Members and 5 Associate Members. New members come from 6 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain and UK.

We are happy to welcome the following FULL MEMBERS (in alphabetical order):

  • AVL List GmbH is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries, fuel cell and control technology) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle. AVL has digitized the vehicle development process with state-of-the art and highly scalable IT, software and technology platforms, and creates new customer solutions in the areas of big data, artificial intelligence, simulation and embedded systems in an agile and integrated development environment.
  • BluSpecs SL is an agency that facilitates the digital transformation of private and public organizations through the application of knowledge, data and methodologies around strategy, implementation of new technologies and innovation. BlueSpecs has extensive experience in program design, activation and growth of SMEs and startups, management of European initiatives and business advice, especially in the fields of Internet Things, AI, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and digital skills.
  • IKERLAN is a Spanish private non-profit Technology Centre created in 1974, a technological R&D actor within Mondragon Corporation (more than 268 industrial companies). IKERLAN is a point of reference for innovation, dedicated to advanced technology transfer to industry and comprehensive product development (from concept to implementation) for a wide variety of domains: transportation (railway and vertical), automation, industrial, medical, energy, etc. Its mission is to improve companies’ competitiveness, through the application of technological knowledge to develop innovative products and implementing customised systems in design and manufacturing processes.
  • Microsoft with a mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more. Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge through Microsoft’s computing fabric (cloud and edge, including cloud infrastructure, server, database, CRM, ERP, management) and Artificial Intelligence platform (infrastructure, runtimes, frameworks, tools and higher-level services around perception, knowledge and cognition), as well as its productivity, communications, education, search and other information services, along with the software platform, apps, store and devices that power the Windows ecosystem.
  • TEKNIKER is a private non-profit research organisation founded in 1981 with over 290 researchers. The specific mission of TEKNIKER is to help the industrial sector to increase its innovative capacity by means of generating and applying technology and knowledge towards becoming more competitive. TEKNIKER specializes in Manufacturing Technologies in everything related to the product, process and means of production (machinery), handling (equipment goods) and integral management of the product life cycle. Its strategic commitment also places it as a reference centre in the field of Microfabrication, Precision Engineering and ICTs.

Warm welcome to the following ASSOCIATE members (in alphabetical order):

  • Adquiver Media is a Spanish AI and Big Data management company that optimizes the Online Real Time Bidding Process in Programmatic Advertising through contextual and behavioural eTravellers data to boost the online booking in Travel sector.
  • ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw Visserij en Voedingonderzoek) is an independent scientific research institution and service provider of the Government of Flanders that works collaboratively to promote sustainable agriculture, fisheries and agro-food production in Flanders, Belgium and Europe. 
  • Inspur Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of Inspur (Beijing) Electric Information Industry Co., Ltd, – China’s leading cloud computing and big data service provider. Inspur provides advanced total AI solutions, cutting-edge hardware, comprehensive AI system software, and powerful AI application optimization services.
  • Limited is bringing new products to the market that help to redefine what high performance cloud and virtualisation should really be about. The Sunlight leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from enterprise application virtualisation, cloud services, networking and embedded systems development.
  • Univerisy of Helinki: The Department of Computer Science of is a leading teaching and research unit in its area in Finland. The number of professors at the Department has grown in recent years and there are now 28 professorships. The research groups address significant research challenges in their areas of expertise, such as data analytics, AI, and security and privacy.

As per today (November 16th, 2019), BDVA counts 209 members from 27 countries. The complete list of BDVA members, the Membership categories and more relevant information on how to get involved can be found here.