New paths towards Data Spaces and Trusted and Industrial AI: Outcomes of the 48th community workshop

Every 4-8 weeks the BDVA community members and collaboration partners come together to discuss and progress on topics of common interest. These regular gatherings are called the BDVA activity group meetings/workshops. This is complementary activity to the ongoing work developed by the BDVA Task Forces. The 48th Activity Group meeting (AG48) took place last February 8th, 2022, bringing a great variety of topics to joint discussion.

Our Task Force on Data Protection Technologies organised an interactive session to collect input for the Strategic Agenda and roadmap and the Task Force on Data Technology Architectures presented the outcomes of the road mapping workshop held in December 2021 (a paper is expected soon). This perfectly linked us with the Fair Digital Objects and Data Spaces presentation about Spaces from the FDO Forum. Great potential for collaboration here. Additionally some of our members from the Task force on Smart Governance and Smart Cities joint forces with Water Europe and FIWARE and organised a session that explored how data and data spaces are transforming and improving relevant sectors for society and green transition such as water and water management.  

On the topic of Trustworthiness of Industrial AI, Afnor presented the results of the AI Standards survey, which was conducted during the third quarter of 2021 in collaboration with BDVA to contribute to the AI European standardisation strategy and roadmap. We also counted with the presence and presentation from our member IKEA on AI and digitalisation in the retail sector. On the collaborations topic we had a presentation of 6G SNS Industry Association organised by our Task Force on Telecom. Finally as in every AG meeting/workshop we had our pitching session where members can introduce their organisation, emerging idea, project, topics, etc. During AG48 we counted with the presence of Institute Pupin, MET Communications, Sestek, Simavi and Top-IX.

BDVA members can find all materials of the AG48 on the members area here.

Our next Activity Group meeting (AG49) will take place on March 16th with strong focus on the new proposals for regulations (Data Act) and latest communications from the EC (e.g Standards). We invite all members to join and work together - follow BDVA intranet for updates.

If you have any questions about the meeting or the ongoing activities, do not hesitate to contact


(Photo by Jonathan Klok on Unsplash)