New BDVA white paper illustrates how AI and big data are transforming the financial sector

The BDVA Task Force 7 – Subgroup on Finance is proud to release the Whitepaper on AI and Big Data for the financial sector: challenges and opportunities.

Due to its importance in the development of the economic system, the financial sector is on the front lines in assessing and understanding how AI could fit into the reference ecosystem and favour digital transformation processes.  Through use cases, the publication investigates emerging solutions across the EU, looking at the Digital Finance ecosystems and the transformative trends toward future innovative research in this field.

The white paper focuses on the main ongoing challenges to understanding how AI can be a real catalyst for the transformation of the financial sector. Based on those challenges, the paper draws the opportunities of the transformative power of these technologies, while contributing to understanding the trajectory of the advancement of the financial technology (Fintech) landscape.


The whitepaper is available here!  


For any questions on the work of this Task Force or on the paper do not hesitate to contact the BDVA office at

(Photo by Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash)