MORE publishes four new innovations for renewable energy source industry

MORE is a Horizon 2020 project creating techniques and tools that unlock the potential of the data produced by wind and solar parks.Those techniques are performing computationally cheap decisions on the edge and complex analyses on the cloud. Huge sensor data lie at the heart of MORE's primary goal. The goal is to allow the renewable energy source (RES) industry to scale the management of streaming and historical time series an order of magnitude beyond the state-of-art and perform forecasting, prediction and diagnostics using data with accuracy that outperforms currently existing approaches.

MORE has now published four innovations developed by the project. 

  1. A toolkit for soiling detection in solar panel parks to optimize the cleaning process of the panels.
  2. ModelarDB: Managing Extreme-Scale Time Series from Wind and Solar Parks Using Models
  3. Α Self-Service Visualization Platform for Renewable Energy Analytics
  4. New Streams And Incremental Learning library (SAIL)


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(Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash)