KRAKEN gives users the control of personal and sensitive data sharing

The KRAKEN project is finishing soon, successfully piloting secure data sharing. The project has built an online service enabling sharing, brokerage, and trading of sensitive personal data privately. The solutions include platform and data marketplace, and provides citizens with control of their data through a mobile app.

KRAKEN implements decentralised identity management and user-centric access control to personal data solutions, leveraging the self-sovereign identity (SSI) paradigm through the mobile app, allowing the use of several devices. Additionally, the KRAKEN platform integrates the Secure Multiparty Computation technique for analytic purposes without revealing any sensitive information.

The project is demonstrating the KRAKEN platform in two high-impact pilots – Health and Education. Read more about the pilots in the project's press release.

Read KrAKEN press release!  

KRAKEN is closely collaborating with other European projects sharing its outcomes with them. The project is also exploring the markets and the opportunities to take the platform and the developed solutions further, so we can expect to hear about KRAKEN in the future!