Know-Center Summer Academy: new research and technology trends in Big Data and AI

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence hardly leave any business fields untouched. This means radically rethinking one’s own business models, taking into account the research results of the future. At the Know-Center Summer Academy, our experts will show you which technologies will conquer the markets and open up new potentials of your business in the upcoming years.

At Know-Centers’ Summer Academy you will have an interactive first-hand experience of the latest research results and developments from the key areas of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Join the interesting journey and explore topics ranging from Federated Machine Learning, Quantum Machine Learning, Privacy-Preserving Analytics and Explainable AI to Immersive Analytics Environments and Guided Analytics, NLP, Digital Media Analytics, Data Analytics and AI in Life Sciences as well as state-of-the-art work environments that redefine the division of labor between man and machine.

Know-Center Summer Academy Facts:

About Know-Center

Know-Center is a leading European research center for Data-Driven Business and Artificial Intelligence. Since 2001, we have supported well-known companies in using data as a success factor for their business. For data analysis, Know-Center relies on established Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures.

As an integral part of the European research landscape, the Center has successfully handled numerous projects and contract research at the EU and national levels. A K1 Competence Center, funded within the framework of COMET Programme, Know-Center is also the leading training center for data scientists in Austria and offers a range of Al training and consulting services for companies. The Center has already received the ‘BDVA i-Space Silver Award’ from the Big Data Value Association thrice.