Interested in ethical and Trustworthy AI? Join the etami Task Force at BDVA

On Monday, January 23, at 15h00 CET the senior research scientist and project manager Dr. Djalel Benbouzid will walk you through etami’s 5 step action plan for Q1 2023 and provide you with all information you need to know about BDVA’s latest Task Force etami.

Step 1: Express your interest in working together on (co-)designing the practices, thinking the organisational structures, and developing the methods that will enable the transformation of AI into a reliable technology and in turn empower your organisation to produce lawful and quality-centric products. To express your interest click here (Note: If you are not a BDVA member your first step is to apply for BDVA membership! more info here)

Step 2: Call for proposals along the following four guiding themes:

a) data quality management

b) testing for ML systems

c) security of ML systems

d) fair ML processes, methods, and organisations

Step 3: Types of proposals

Each proposal should contain a detailed description and planning of the proposed tasks along with your expected outcomes. These contributions might correspond to a) reflecting past or current work b) suggesting a pilot c) launching a new collaboration d) piloting the guidebook

Step 4: The unconference (typically hands-on and usually allow the right actors to meet, collaborate in break-out groups, and produce actionable items)

The unconference will a) have the form of a workshop b) proposals are going to be treated, grouped, and further refined by the members c) roles and responsibilities are going to be assigned, milestones and expected outcomes presented, and the leadership clarified. d) quality review modalities are going to defined for each work package and the review board thereof defined. e) pilots are going to planned, and further members involved

Step 5: Collaborative work in a series of sprints & reviews dedicated to topics most relevant to your work

Interested? Register here and get the chance to address your open questions during etami’s Online Introduction Event 


Find more information on etami Task Force here 

If you have any questions contact via email or visit the etami website