BDVA i-Space label: Call 2024

BDVA I Space Label Call

Data-driven innovation needs guidance. Lead the way! The Call for BDVA i-Space 2024 labels is open. Apply before 19 July 2024!

Why to apply?

To ensure the quality of the European Data Innovation Spaces and connect existing initiatives under one umbrella, BDVA set up the BDVA i-Space label. On a yearly basis, candidates from all over Europe are invited to apply for this label. A set of criteria are tested by way of a survey to collect the relevant information. A committee appointed by the BDVA Board of Directors (BoD) carefully examines individual candidates and recommends the appropriate quality ranking (starter, bronze, silver, gold and platinum) to the BoD, which ultimately grants the label.

By this labelling process, the BDVA recognises the quality of existing data experimentation and innovation hubs in Europe and guarantees that the innovation environments provided by those initiatives meet the necessary requirements to boost data-driven and AI-based innovation at local level, but also the collaboration with similar initiatives to foster the adoption at European level. These activities have led to the establishment of a European Federation of i-Spaces that ensure easy access for industrial partners to foster the development and testing of pre-competitive solutions on high-quality platforms offering certified services and training.

The label is a well-recognised brand, offers a quality reference and provides visibility to national initiatives on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

How to become a labelled BDVA i-Space?

ISpaces Labeling Timeline 0
  1. Apply by filing out a questionnaire providing all the relevant information
  2. Assessment by the experts and professionals part of the i-Space label review committee
  3. Online interview (only if requested by the review committee)
  4. Proposal from the review committee with labelled i-Spaces
  5. Assessment and final decision by the BDVA Board of Directors
  6. Communication of results to all the candidates
  7. Hand-out ceremony of label at the European Big Data Value Forum

Call for BDVA i-Space label 2024: Call is open. Apply until 19 July 2024!

  • Application for BDVA i-Space label: fill in and submit the  i-Space questionnaire no later than 19 July 2024 (note you can download a pdf version to work out details offline. The tool also offers the possibility to save drafts until submission).
  • Online interviews: Foreseen in September (only if needed).
  • Communication of results: Mid-September 2024
  • Hand out of granted labels and ceremony at the European Big Data Value Forum, Budapest (Hungary): 2 October 2024 (Full event 2-4 October). We recommend all applicants to get their tickets for the event as soon as possible and before end of August to benefit from the early bird discount.

Any questions contact:

Evaluation criteria

i-Spaces are evaluated based on the following domains:

  1. Infrastructure/Technologies
  2. Services
  3. Projects and applications
  4. Impact to eco-system
  5. Business strategy and sustainability 
  6. Federation capabilities
  7. Ethics

All domains are evaluated and given a score between 0 and 5. The innovation space will be granted a label (starter, bronze, silver, gold, platinum) according to the following criteria:

I Space Label 2023 Image Label Levels
  • The application process is open to both BDVA and non-BDVA members.
  • Application is free of charge for BDVA members. Non-BDVA members will have to pay an admin fee of 500 €.
  • The i-Space label applicant is responsible to ensure all information supplied to BDVA gives a realistic representation of verifiable status of the i-Space.
  • We request all applicants to provide the qualitative information (text based responses) with enough quality so the provided text can be used for publishing purposes if requred (and agreed)
  • The applicant might be requested some additional information/evidence during the evaluation process. If the applicant does not provide the requested evidence or the information provided reveals substantial discrepancies to the reported status, any running procedure may be stopped and prior granted labels may be revoked, at any time on the sole authority of the Review Committee after agreement with the BDVA Secretary General.
  • Members of the review committee will be selected from relevant experts through an open call that will address people expert in the different dimensions covered by the i-Spaces.
  • Grant of the BDVA i-Space label does not imply grant of the BDVA membership.

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