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BDVA members include large industries, SMEs, research organisations and data users and providers to support the development and deployment of the EU Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership with the European Commission. BDVA focuses its activities on updating the multi-annual roadmap and on providing regular advice to enable the European Commission to prepare, draft and adopt the periodic Work Programmes, as well as on delivering Data Innovation Recommendationsdeveloping Big Data Value Ecosystemguiding Standards, and, facilitating Know-how exchange

BDVA is open to new members to further enrich the data value ecosystem and play an active role. These include Data Users, Data Providers, Data Technology Providers and Researchers. 

There are two types of Membership: Full Members and Associate Members
  • Full Members can participate in all the activities of the Association, have full voting rights in the General Assembly and can be elected to be part of the Board of Directors. This membership type is meant for organisations interested in steering and driving the European Big Data Ecosystem. 
  • Associate Members can participate in the activity of the Association without voting rights. 
BDVA members pay an annual membership fee. 
BDVA members abide by all terms and conditions specified in the BIG DATA VALUE AISBL Statutes and Bylaws and by all decisions taken by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly within the scope of the BDVA. 

Application for BDVA membership is done online. Apply for BDVA membership here.

We recommend you look at the scope of the Associate/Full member application form without filling it in, prepare yourself for the information requested and once ready then complete it. Find below all the relevant BDVA official documents:

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