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The Federation of BDVA i-Spaces


The mission of the Federation is to accelerate the evolution and adoption of data-driven innovation and AI technologies and regulations in Europe, creating a secure, trustworthy and regulatory-compliant environment for cross-border and cross-sector data-driven experimentation. The Federation consolidates various European initiatives related to Data and AI into a unified ecosystem, offering a sustainable and comprehensive European federated catalogue of data sources, data-driven services, courses and solutions deployed locally through i-Spaces. Importantly, the Federation’s reach extends to various sectors and industries, including the public sector, where digital transformation needs acceleration. 

The vision of the Federation is to become the primary reference for experimentation and innovation in industrial, public and personal data and AI technologies, aligning with European values and principles. This vision is realised through a network of labs and testing facilities that uphold responsible data management and AI practices to support European businesses in their journey toward the data economy.


Strategic goals

In pursuit of its mission and vision, the Federation has outlined the following strategic goals: 

  • Compose an integrated and orchestrated network of i-Spaces working together toward a global objective, developing and sharing knowledge and best practices 
  • Facilitate the experimentation and innovation of the local ecosystem of SMEs and public administration through the local i-Spaces and accelerate the adoption of data and AI technologies, promoting data interoperability, protection and innovation as the core principles of their operation 
  • Understand the regional and national economy, society and regulations and combine them with the European ones to provide a personalised and quality service to the local ecosystem 
  • Create a global and qualified catalogue of data sources, data services and data courses, that brings together and federates the different individual catalogues 
  • Facilitate the access of local ecosystems to the main initiatives in Data and AI in Europe 
  • Contribute to the assessment, definition and validation of current and future European regulations and standards in data and AI that support the responsible use of data and technology
  • Consolidate the leadership of Europe in the ethical and human-centric use of data and artificial intelligence, contributing to international competitiveness
  • Establish links with the main stakeholders around data spaces
  • Be sustainable in the future, giving continuity to the results achieved in the project

The Federation’s pillars

The essential pillars of the Federation are: 

  • Guarantee of quality, to ensure trust among stakeholders. This quality is mainly guaranteed by the labelling procedure that all i-Spaces members of the Federation must go through
  • Collaboration and a global European federated catalogue. The strength of the collaboration among i-Spaces to create a global pan-european catalogue covering all the needs of SMEs.european catalogue covering all the needs of SMEs 
  • Access to SMEs and local ecosystems. The close connection between i-Spaces and their local ecosystem, creating trust along decades. A data and AI ethics framework, covering common ethics standards for i-Spaces, transparency and fairness in the central catalogue and fostering ethics awareness within SMEs. Through this pillar the Federation can facilitate safe and trustworthy cross-border and cross-sector experimentation 

Read more about the Federation vision here. 

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