External (BDVA Participates)

Workshop on European Population Neuroscience Research Programme

Friday, 20 November, 2015

The workshop will explore how Europe and European research initiatives, could support generic efforts to physical and mental health which are key to a productive and joyful life, as well as economic growth and prosperity. The workshop will gather high level international stakeholders.

The aims of this workshop are to:

  • Discuss and identify opportunities and challenges of bringing together different research communities, public and governmental agencies, and enterprises and industries to successfully and efficiently acquire, analyse and exploit large longitudinal multi-national and multidimensional population based data sets.
  • Match-making with appropriate e-infrastructure and service provisions supporting multidisciplinary research, and public and commercial stakeholder communities.
  • Explore issues related to ethics, coordination, standardization, resource allocation, education and training and safeguarding private, public and commercial interests and intellectual property.
  • Identify required human and physical resources, and discuss the optimizing of existing and the development of new and innovative data acquisition, registration, quality, management, privacy and safety, sharing, integration, mining and exploitation infrastructures, technologies and strategies.
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