Language Technology Landscape Conference

18 June, 2024
10:00 to 17:00 CEST

The Language Technology Landscape Conference disseminates the findings from the first year of the Market Study conducted by Nimdzi Insights.


Nimdzi Insights and its partners are conducting a comprehensive Market Study on Language Technologies for the European Commission to assess the development, quality, and global impact of language technologies globally and in Europe.

The Language Technology Landscape Conference will provide the study’s interim results, including the trends in the language technology market, focusing on foundational, text-based, and speech-based language technologies. This all-day online event will be hosted on WebEx, with keynote speakers from the European Commission and Nimdzi Insights, and guest appearances from both the buyer and technology provider sides.

Who should attend

The conference is intended to disseminate the interim results of the Market Study. As such, all actors in the language technology space are invited to attend: developers, buyers, and users of language technologies in the private and public sector all over the world and in Europe.

The conference will be hosted on WebEx in collaboration with the European Commission’s CONNECT University. The conference will be recorded, and the recordings will be published on the European Commission’s channels.


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