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Digitalization of Knowledge and Industrial Technologies – towards Horizon Europe

Thursday, 7 November, 2019
Bologna (Italy)

The “Digitalization of Knowledge and Industrial Technologies – Towards Horizon Europe” event, organized by the University of Bologna, is a unique opportunity aimed to present a mutli-discliplinary perspective to one of the most important topic that will shape our future.

In the Bologna historical XVII century manufacturing district, that has been recently reconstructed as Factory of the Arts, personalities from different knowledge fields, such as philosophy, industry, social sciences, information technology, digital sciences, politics and academia will discuss the actual status of their disciplines, the undisclosed potential behind each of them and their visions about how our society could benefit from them in the very next future.

Within an agenda divided in three round tables, VISIONIMPLEMENTATION and FUTURE SOCIETIES, nine international speakers will debate involving the public about the philosophical nature of our knowledge and the ways to express and exploit it through digital sciences to improve industrial technologies.

The event will be closed by Peter Droell the EC Director of DG-RTD.F “Prosperity”, whose directorate includes among the others Industry 5.0 and Materials for Tomorrow units, Harald Hartung the EC Head of Unit DG-RTD.E.4 “Fair Societies & Cultural Heritage”, and Anne de Baas EC Policy Officer of DG-RTD.F.4 “Materials for the Future”, that will provide an insight of what we should expect in the next years moving towards Horizon Europe.

Details on the event can be found on the website together with the full agenda.

Registration is required in order to participate to the event.

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