BDVA event

Data Week 2024 (Part 2)

5 June, 2024
Leuven, Belgium

Data Week 2024 will continue on 5 June 2024, in conjunction with the LAILEC conference organised by KU-Leuven, in Belgium. Our meeting’s main topics will gravitate around the legal and ethical aspects of data and AI: the AI Act implementation, Generative AI / Foundation models, Data quality, Data life-cycle projects, Synthetic Data and AI Regulatory sandboxes.

Data Week 2024 will center its focus on the fundamental elements of Data Value creation. Artificial intelligence (AI) serves as a pivotal tool in unlocking data value through various means. Creating value from data also requires viewing it from an ecosystem perspective and fostering collaboration among multiple stakeholders, which lays the groundwork needed for research excellence, that is required to be rapidly put into action for competitiveness and societal benefit.

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