Conférence Erasme-Descartes 2018 – Intelligence artificielle

Thursday, 15 November, 2018 to Friday, 16 November, 2018

On 15 and 16 November 2018, the Embassy of Netherlands will organize in Paris the Erasme-Descartes conference, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Netherlands and under the auspices of the Franco-Dutch Initiative (IFN).

Held alternately in Paris and Amsterdam since 2002, this conference aims to stimulate dialogue between France and the Netherlands and is a flagship event in bilateral Franco-Dutch cooperation.

This year, 150 experts from the world of business, civil society and the public sector are invited to participate in the conference. Following the big data theme in 2017, this year’s theme is artificial intelligence. More info at: https://www.paysbasetvous.nl/votre-pays-et-les-pays-bas/france/erasmus-d…


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