BigDataEurope Workshop: BigDataEurope and the Societal Challenge on Transport

Thursday, 14 September, 2017
ERTICO-ITS Europe, Blue Tower – Avenue Louise 326 Brussels, Belgium

The Big Data Europe Transport Societal Challenge (SC4) will host a workshop on 14th September. Overall, SC4 aims to contribute to smarter, safer and cleaner transport using beyond-state-of-the-art data solutions and giving rise to a European leadership for new mobility services. This workshop, in particular, will put focus on the demonstration of the Big Data Integrator Platform that has been developed by the project. The workshop will also feature a panel debate to find out from knowledgeable speakers about how big data is transforming the transport sector, and parallel sessions in the afternoon, aimed at gathering feedback from workshop participants.

The objective of the workshop is to demonstrate the value of the recently launched Platform by showcasing the pilot, and to collect feedback from stakeholders requiring transport solutions on how the platform can be extended to increase its value and facilitate further applications. The workshop will also feature a panel debate discussing the transformation that big data is bringing to the transport industry and presenting some of the current EU funded projects working with transport and big data. 
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