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Big Data Congress

Tuesday, 4 October, 2016 to Wednesday, 5 October, 2016

Big Data Congress 2nd edition, will be held in Barcelona on the 4th and 5th of October 2016.

It is the leading conference on Big Data in Catalonia, and the place to meet trends and discover the state of the art of Big Data technology, to share experiences and to create a networking environment among attendees. It is an event to talk and discuss about:
Big Data Innovation, the adoption process to became a Data-Driven Organization, about Advanced Analytics & Visualization, the latest products, and the state of art in different areas.

The Big Data congress has the aim of promoting the data-driven culture, to bring together entrepreneurs, suppliers and companies who are interested in developing projects in the field of Big Data, to create synergies and business opportunities between Big Data supply and demand, to promote the definition of technological innovative solutions and to create a reference place of knowledge in Big Data.

It is the mandatory meeting point of professionals, suppliers and companies who are interested in developing projects in the field of Big Data.

Considering the target audiences and to respond to all interests, in this 2nd edition of the Big Data Congress, you will find 2 main themes:

4th of October -Demand: Innovative and successful use cases will be presented, and will be discussed how to become a data driven organization and which are the required steps for its adoption.
5th of October -Technology: Guided sessions oriented to examine some use cases in data analytics, the latest products, and the state of art of Big Data. As well, it will be celebrated the 2nd edition of Big Data Talent Awards.

Big Data Congress opened a Call aimed for companies, start-ups, research centers and universities, consortiums (public and private) and public and private organizations that have developed innovative solutions in the area of Big Data or have incorporated successfully, some of these solutions.
It will be open up to 19 July.

For further information about the congress or the call: http://bigdatacongress.barcelona/en/

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