7th European Innovation Summit – “European free flow of massive Earth observation data: a game changer for European innovation”

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015
European Parliament, Brussels

In cooperation with ESA and hosted by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen MEP

According to a recent study, 80% of CEOs think that data mining and analyses are strategically important to their company. Digitalization and the use of big data are essential to the development of precision farming, urban planning or water management. Digital services such as cloud computing, big data (including data-driven science and geo-spatial data) and thematic platforms are driving this transformation process.

The latest generation of European satellites, from the Copernicus programme to ESA’s research programme , represent a unique asset for Europe in this challenge. They provide an unprecedented wealth of digital data, sometimes with unique features – free of charge. As an example, by way of modern apps technology, the world’s most accurate observations of the Earth gravity field by ESA’s GOCE satellite are used in each and every smartphone today.

The rich network of Earth observation ground facilities in Europe coupled with EO exploitation platforms, dubbed “EO innovation Europe”, provides an innovation-friendly ecosystem through a series of open exploitation platforms coupled with business innovation centres. It would also naturally contribute to a European research and innovation cloud, bringing cutting-edge technologies to the market. It provides the basis for ‘Earth labs’ where critical parameters of our home planet are being continuously monitored to better understand the earth system, better predict and respond to climate change and sustainably use our natural resources.

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