20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit

16 May, 2024
10:00 to 17:00 CEST
La Nave, Madrid, Spain

In an era of rapid technological evolution, Europe’s competitive edge hinges on its ability to develop and maintain advanced digital skills. Facing a critical shortage of ICT professionals, the “20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit” emerges as a pivotal gathering to propel Europe towards its ambitious goal of adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030, underpinning the Digital Decade policy initiative.

This free one-day event in Madrid unites thought leaders from business, academia, and policy-making to chart Europe’s journey in advanced digital skills. Featuring roundtables, keynote speeches, workshops, and showcases of best practices, the summit is a crucible for innovative solutions and strategic collaborations aimed at redefining Europe’s digital skills landscape.

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