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1st International Workshop on Big Data Standards: European Initiatives

Monday, 7 March, 2016
Dublin City University, Dublin, IRELAND

In an increasingly networked, digitized, sensor-laden, information driven world, the ability to
efficiently process data sets using traditional technology is becoming more challenging as data sets take on varied properties such as volume, velocity, variety, variability and veracity. “Big Data” is the broad term given to address these emerging challenges. There is a broad agreement among industry, academic, and government stakeholders about the remarkable potential of Big Data to spark innovation, fuel commerce, and drive progress. Innovation in this space opens up a wealth of applications and ability to answer questions previously out of reach.
While there is also broad agreement on the ability of Big Data to overwhelm traditional approaches, the ability to create consensus-based vendor-neutral, technology and infrastructure agnostic solutions to enable Big Data stakeholders is essential.
The ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 9 Working Group on Big Data would cordially invite Big Data experts to speak and participate in this International Workshop on Big Data Standards: European Initiatives.

The goals for the workshop is to:
● Introduce and overview ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 9
● Promote global Big Data standardization with European partners
● Leverage existing expertise to augment the EU Standardization initiatives
● Explore public and private perspectives in Big Data
● Share European communities’ Big Data initiatives and research results

The list of topics of interest includes, but is not limited to:
● Big Data Use Cases – provide application scenarios that require either mixed legacy system
and/or horizontal scalable from the analytics, platforms, and infrastructures environment;
● Big Data Analytics Processing – provide well-defined generic algorithms for distributed
computing, metadata extraction, search and retrieval, and data exploration;
● Big Data Architecture/Infrastructure – provide effective provision and configuration of
horizontal applications, databases, distributed resources and computing clusters.
● Big Data Security and Privacy – deal with infrastructure security, data privacy, data
management, integrity and reactive security;
● Big Data Management – monitor scalable distributed high-performance systems to ensure
Big Data applications are efficiently and securely executed; and
● Big Data Challenges and Opportunities – explore approaches to address heterogeneity,
scale, timeliness, complexity, security, and privacy problems in Big Data that can create value.

More information and registration: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/international-workshop-in-big-data-standards…

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