Other type of events like BDVA participating without physical present, etc.


The Global Industry conference on nano & digital tech will by take place during the ITFBELGIUM, 23rd-24th May 2018 and will be powered by imec. 

60 talks by top representatives from industry and imec and 55 live demos of ground-breaking technologies & applications are currently foreseen. 
Program and Speakers updates will be available in the upcoming weeks here.

Media Fast Forward

This year, VRT, Var and BOZAR are organising a special edition of Media Fast Forward, the yearly networking and inspiration event on media innovation. On the 5th of December, Media Fast Forward engages entrepreneurs, media professionals, researchers, advertisers and everyone with interest in media innovation to re-think the opportunities and impact of media and technology in our (future) world.

You can find further information about the event and registrations here.

Free​ ​Webinar​ ​for the Final​ ​Release​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Big​ ​Data​ ​Europe​ ​Integrator​ ​Platform​ ​(BDI)

The Big Data Europe (BDE) project is presenting and releasing the final public version of its
open source Integrator Platform at the Webinar scheduled on Thursday 16 November, 15:00

Big Data Analysis and Data Mining

Conference series LLC cordially invites all participants across the globe to attend the 5th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining (Data Mining 2018), to share the Future Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries in Data and technology. The main theme of the conference is “Future Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries in Data". This conference aimed to expand its coverage in the areas of Big Data and Data Mining where expert talks, young researcher’s presentations will be placed in every session of the meeting will be inspired and keep up your enthusiasm.