Other type of events like BDVA participating without physical present, etc.

International Business Conference "Science and Business for Smart Future"

The International Business Conference "Science and Business for Smart Future" will present trends, best practices and collaborative researches between science and business to promote and enhance business confidence in the capabilities of scientific organizations, as well as stimulating partnership. The work of the conference will be organized in discussion panels with accompanying poster session, networking and master classes. Check the program at http://events.vfu.bg/smartconf_2018/index.html#program

ESOCC 2018 - EU Project Space track

ESOCC 2018 will include a special track entirely devoted to presenting results and perspectives of EU research projects on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing. This session features a good opportunity for presenters to disseminate the results of their project and for participants to get an updated view of the ongoing research on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing. More info at: http://esocc2018.disco.unimib.it/index.php/eu-projects-track/

ODBASE 2018 - The 17th International Conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics

The conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics for Large Scale Information Systems (ODBASE’18) provides a forum on the use of ontologies, rules and data semantics in novel applications. Of particular relevance to ODBASE are papers that bridge traditional boundaries between disciplines such as artificial intelligence and Semantic Web, databases, data science, data analytics and machine learning, human-computer interaction, social networks, distributed and mobile systems, data and information retrieval, knowledge discovery, and computational linguistics.

Open Innovation Summit

The Open Innovation Summit will be held on the 25th and 26th April 2018 in London and it is targeted to people interested in learning best practices and applications in open innovation from Europe’s leaders in Innovation. Exponential open innovation is moving across traditional industry boundaries and enabling dramatic advances in an array of functions & disciplines. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning For The Insurance Industry

Explore how the insurance industry can leverage the power of AI and ML specifically for marketing purposes. Topics include:

- What a Machine Learning roadmap looks like for the insurance industry
- Potential challenges on the road to advanced analytics
- Tools to use on the journey to AI (plus how to properly evaluate those tools)

More info: https://pages.dataiku.com/insurance-ai-machine-learning-london

Watify Matchmaking Event on Artificial Intelligence

The Watify initiative is an awareness-raising campaign, funded by the European Commission, to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe’s industry. Watify is organising an inter-regional matchmaking event on Artificial Intelligence in Ljubljana, in cooperation with Omniopti.
The leading Slovenian research institutions, the University of Ljubljana and Jožef Stefan Institute, will give  inputs on the latest progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence.