Other type of events like BDVA participating without physical present, etc.

Chief Data Officers for Financial Services Exchange

This October in London , senior data leaders will be attending the exclusive Chief Data Officer forum to benchmark, strategise and learn through Think Tank sessions, roundtable discussions, one-to-one meetings and panel debates. The current attendees were recently part of a research project to view the top investment priories for the next 12-18 months, which is free to download http://bit.ly/2htSSuG .

Big Data for Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials – Workshop #3

Big Data Europe Project is pleased to announce the third and final in a scheduled series of workshops regarding supporting the SC5 domain. The aims of this workshop are to discuss the role of big data technologies in emergency response scenarios related to events of hazardous substances releases in the atmosphere, to present the 2nd use-case pilot and to introduce ongoing work towards the 3rd and final pilot. 

Big Data Europe Workshop: The challenges of big data for societies in a changing world

There are nowadays some irrevocable trends implying that science will open. As regards to data, this implies that sharing instead of owning will become the default. However, there are almost no incentives (but mostly rules & obligations) to make data available and sharable. Seamless facilities for researchers to share data are much needed, and credits need to be attributed when data re-used.

ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2018

ARTEMIS Industry Association is pleased to announce the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2018, taking place at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin on 6-7 February 2018.
The ARTEMIS Brokerage Event is ideal for matching project ideas and building quality consortia, with regard to the ECSEL Calls 2018 and H2020 Calls 2018, as well as for networking with key players in the area of the Embedded Intelligence.

Use the enclosure to save the date in your calendar and keep an eye out for the event invitation, which will be sent mid December.

Workshop on data access and transfer with a focus on APIs and industrial data platforms

With this workshop, the Commission intends to discuss the current state of data-sharing in B2B contexts. Representatives of companies already engaging in data-sharing with a wider ecosystem of partners and making data available, e.g. through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or within Industrial Data Spaces, will share their experiences in this workshop. Specific challenges of data sharing through APIs will be deepened.