External (BDVA Participates)

Big Data PPP in Horizon 2020

How can trade and industry and R&D groups collaborate on common Big Data projects? This seminar will provide information about upcoming funding announcements as well as relevant initiatives in the field.

In close cooperation with R&D groups and the European Commission, European industry has entered into a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement regarding Big Data Value. The objective is to provide substantial funding for research and innovation projects to strengthen European competitiveness and to make the data-driven economy a reality.

Global Big Data Defense 2017 Summit

The growing role of Social Media and OSINT sources within intelligence exploitation, the optimisation of support for targeting, the future of Big Data architecture and how can predictive analytics can make a substantial contribution towards the optimisation of defence procurement processes are all issues that will be addressed at the next Global Big Data Defence Summit in June 2017 in Berlin.

29th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

Public and private organizations are entering into the digital world where real time data is available about their operations and operating environments, third-party services offered to increase their performance, and changes in the demands of their customers. Such abundance of data offers new opportunities but also raises new challenges for information systems. The systems have to exploit these data to help (networked-) organizations to decide and conduct appropriate business transformations that are necessary to guarantee their survival in an ever changing world.

Big Data Paris 2017

In the context of a growing maturity of companies on Big Data, the question of deploying an agile organization that will place data at the heart of the decision-making process is more than ever.
In addition, the rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data offers unprecedented opportunities to develop applications in various domains: fraud detection, customer experience revolution, predictive ...

More information about the event here: https://www.bigdataparis.com

Big Data Summit

Businesses are changing more and more quickly to take advantage of the opportunities of digitizing business processes and markets. Big data technologies form the core of digital transformation. The data science is going to mature the process from the artisan to the industrialization.

The Big Data Summit has been the annual meeting of data management decision makers since 2013. Over 650 users of advanced big-data solutions, policy-makers, technology providers, strategy and innovation consultants, as well as academics are being brought together.