EU Commission launched two calls for contributions on competition in virtual worlds and generative AI

This week, the European Commission has launched two calls for contributions focusing on competition issues within virtual worlds and generative AI. Simultaneously, major digital entities have received requests for information. All interested parties are encouraged to share their experiences and insights regarding competition levels in virtual worlds and generative AI. The goal is to gather feedback on how competition law can effectively uphold competitiveness in these emerging markets. The Commission intends to thoroughly evaluate all input received through the calls for contributions. Following this, there may be a workshop in the second quarter of 2024 to discuss various perspectives derived from the contributions and further deliberate on the topic.

In addition, the European Commission is looking into some of the agreements that have been concluded between large digital market players and generative AI developers and providers. The European Commission is investigating the impact of these partnerships on market dynamics.

Find out more and check the call for contributions here.

BDVA has been very active in both virtual words and Generative AI. The virtual words field has been one of BDVA's areas of interest, with projects such as OpenVerse, a new 3-year project that supports the emergence of an open human-centric Metaverse. Openverse will contribute to laying the foundation of a truly European Metaverse, characterised by openness, transparency, inclusivity, while being ethically and environmentally responsible, an approach that will be capable of restoring the technological sovereignty of EU industry in the global scenario of competitivity. OpenVerse will also contribute to objectives identified in the EC communication “An EU initiative on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds: a head start in the next technological transition”.

OpenVerse is at the forefront of Europe's journey into the metaverse, weaving a vision that merges ethical principles with digital evolution. OpenVerse aims to reinforce the EU's tech prominence globally. BDVA and OpenVerse aim to foster human-centric interoperability, ensuring an inclusive and transparent virtual realm. Both BDVA and OpenVerse plan to nurture a digital future built on the pillars of innovation, creativity and societal harmony within a unified European framework.

In the field of generative AI, BDVA is working with top experts on understanding the impact of related policies on European industry and research&innovation, exploring new possible applications of this technology.