What‘s your appoach when it comes to AI governance? Join the discussion in Brussels!

On September 28th at 13:30 CEST, the etami task force will host an informative session at BDVA premises in Brussels

With the title "What‘s your approach when it comes to AI governance?" Dr. Patrick van der Smagt and Dr. Djalel Benbouzid will present etami’s mission to transform AI into a reliable technology by translating ethical, and legal requirements for AI into quality-centric and actionable methods. This session will be an important moment of discussion on the need to advance the applicability of those legal and regulatory frameworks, and focus on the practical application of the key requirements for ethical and trustworthy AI.

This is an open event to anyone who is looking at AI technologies at the intersection of legal, ethical and business application perspectives.

You can find more information about the session here.

For people wanting to attend the session onsite, please register here. A lunch will also be offered at 13:00.

BDVA's office address: Avenue des Arts 56,1000 Brussels (Ground floor).

For people wanting to attend the session online please register here.

etami supports and promotes trustworthy and ethical design, development, and deployment of AI systems by translating European and global principles for ethical AI into actionable and measurable guidelines, tools and methods. Learn more about etami here