The EC standardisation strategy sets support to Data Spaces a priority

The European Commission has published a new Standardisation Strategy to ensure European leadership in global standards, boost investments in the green and digital economy, and prepare for challenges introduced by new technologies. To reach these goals, the strategy aims to shorten the European standardisation processes and improve the governance of the European standardisation system.

The creation of data spaces through standardisation of data interoperability, sharing and re-use is one of the main strategic priorities of the plan. The Commission has also set the smart contracts for Data Spaces as a priority for the 2022 annual work programme.

The plan also proposes to leverage the European research, development and innovation projects more strongly for setting new standards. The Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe Programme and other European projects can be used to identify what is needed for the development of new technologies and transferring the findings to new standards. For supporting researchers and innovators, the European Commission will launch a ”standardisation booster”. The platform aims to help beneficiaries, whose Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research results are likely to lead to the revision or creation of a standard, to test the relevance of their results for standardisation.

The Commission takes concrete actions to enforce the strategy. European Standardisation Organisations (ESO) will be called to launch standardisation requests, engaging with stakeholder communities. ESO’s will also help set the targets for the development and adoption of the standards to the EU legislation. The EC will set up a High-Level Forum to bring together industry and academia with different stakeholders to set priorities, advise on standardisation needs and coordinate effective representation of European interests. With the High-Level Forum, EC will also review the existing standards. On a technical level, the EC will establish an EU excellence hub on standards to better coordinate the standardisation expertise within the Commission, EU agencies and Joint Undertakings.

The strategy opens up interesting opportunities for the BDVA members working on standardisation. To learn more about BDVA activities on the field, visit the Task Force, Subgroup 6 (Standardisation) page or contact