The EC has launched a new Horizon Prize of EUR 2 million on Big Data Technologies!

As part of the European Commission's contribution to the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership (PPP), the EC has launched a new Horizon prize on Big Data Technologies. EUR 2 million is available for improving the performance of software for the forecasting of geospatio-temporal data (collections of time-stamped records that are linked to a geospatial location) in terms of scalability, accuracy, speed and use of computational resources. 

The prize is a reward for the three top ranking contestants who will present the best software solutions able to analyse extremely large collections of data. 
The Rules of Contest, published on the Participant Portal, explain the “Award Criteria” and the three contest phases: 
  1. Registration and trialling: eligible participants need to register by the 30th of January 2018. After the closure of registrations, participants will be able to download a starting kit  to try out their software in a small-scale system simulating the real contest system.
  2.  Testing of the software on the contest platform: the registered participants will have the possibility to upload their software into the contest (cloud) platform and run it against the test data from 23 February 2018 until 9 April 2018.
  3. Submission: registered participants will have to submit their fully functioning software with a full description using the participant portal between 23 February 2018 and 9 April 2018.  

For further information visit the prize website

To know more and get involved follow #HorizonPrize on Twitter. Stay tuned!