Digital Decade: the call of BDVA for more convergences

Big Data Value Association presents its position paper on the new Digital Decade Strategy and Policy Programme of the European Commission. We welcome the targets and ambitious objectives of the strategy, policy programme scheme, and new funding instruments.

Our community provides in this paper suggestions to increase the effectiveness of the policy programme. We advise to combine and optimise the efforts in regulation and legislation with the right investments, with the European ethical values as guidelines.



In this paper, BDVA calls for more convergence in terms of policies, with a focus on legal interoperability. From EU Institutions to local authorities, the envisaged strategy has to involve the multitude of existing actors. This will enable vertical and cross-sectoral services and experimentation opportunities to public sector and industry, in particular to SMEs.

BDVA i-Spaces, Digital Innovation Hubs, as well as Testing and Experimentation Facilities will help to interconnect the governance level and open dialogue among all stakeholders.

At the strategy level, convergence is also required in investments for technology and ecosystems. The new funding instruments promote increased data-sharing practices and a sound development of the European data-value chain. To this extend, keeping SMEs central in a more diverse funding spectrum is essential.

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