Data Week 2023 - Call for session ideas is now open!

Data Week 2023 is the spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. In Data Week, the participants share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest, find synergies, build new collaborations and identify new challenges and recommendations. Data Week also links the communities and their results to the European policies and market needs and brings European initiatives and activities closer to local communities.

 Data Week 2023 is co-organised by Big Data Value Association and the EUHubs4Data project in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The main event of the Data Week 2023 will take place in Luleå, Sweden between 13-15 June 2023 with the central theme “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge (in Luleå)!”

Call for session ideas

Organisations and projects are invited to submit proposals for session ideas for the Data Week 2023 event. Based on the input received from the call for session ideas the Programme Committee (PC) will build the overall Data Week 2023 agenda. The session ideas may be selected to be part of the programme as is proposed, or the PC may suggest the merge of several sessions (covering the same topic), or the topic you propose could be integrated in another session or panel.

Improve your chances to have a session in the programme by proposing an idea for session that takes into account:

  • Collaboration / engagement of the community and external communities (building synergies in between projects, projects and members, BDVA Task Forces, collaboration with external communities etc.)
  • Relevance/added value of the topic proposed (why is your session idea relevant for the topic)
  • Contribution to BDVA Strategy or Strategic Agenda, and/or EUHubs4Data Strategy (

 Topics of Data Week 2023

 This year, theme of the Data Week is “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge!”, focusing on these main topics:

  • Extreme data Analytics – including integration HPC/computing, data management and ML
  • Data Spaces (any topic contributing to DS)
  • HPC and the connection to industry transformation green and digital
  • Energy and Green Deal
  • Data/AI and the Cloud-to-Edge continuum
  • Data-Driven Innovation and experimentation
  • Metaverse
  • Technology Compliance and standards
  • DestinE
  • Generative AI
  • Data monetization and market places


     How to apply

     Fill out the online form here


    Call for session ideas is open: 13th February – 10th March (deadline extended from March 10th until March 13th EoB)

    Evaluation process: 13th March – 17th March

    Proposal for workshops: Communication expected by 24th March

    Note: the call for session ideas might be extended if some topics are not sufficiently covered


    Programme Committee

     Ana Garcia Robles, BDVA

    Alba Balla, IDC

    Andrea Manzi, EGI

    Christoffer Andresen, RISE

    Daniel Saez, ITI

    Liliana Beltran, ITI

    Davide Dalle Carbonare, Engineering

    Jeanette Nilsson, RISE

    Kimmo Rossi, EC

    Nuria De Lama Sanchez, IDC

    Richard Stevens, IDC

    Tuomo Tuikka, VTT

    Valerio Frascolla, Intel


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 

    We are looking forward to your proposals