Call for i-Space labels opens soon – get your pens sharpened!

So you think your Data Innovation Space has what it takes to give a real boost to data-driven innovation in Europe? Prove it by getting BDVA/DAIRO i-Space label! With one application, you can also submit to EUHubs4Data call for DIH’s, which means even more opportunities for visibility and funding! Read further for details.

The i-Spaces is a well established and recognized, European level quality label for European Data Innovation Spaces and Hubs. By qualifying, you prove that you meet the tight criteria, shaped by BDVA/DAIRO community, to become a trusted data incubator and a member of European wide federation. The i-Space labels was established in 2016 and by the date it has been granted for total of 18 entities throughout Europe. The members foster cross-sectorial innovation, bringing together data sources, AI technologies, competences and other technical and non-technical aspects to allow SME’s and start-ups to get their data driven and AI related services going. Read more about the label and go through the existing BDVA/DAIRO i-Spaces to get a better picture of the group!

What exactly is in it for you? This is a great way to show you relevance in the European ecosystem and gain more opportunities for your organisation!  With the i-Space label you have chance to:

  • Get better access to knowledge and experience
  • Connect and collaborate with other initiatives and projects
  • Gain visibility in European level
  • Be part of European wide ecosystem of organisations, companies and policy-makers
  • Improve your service offering
  • Add value to your local ecosystem of SME’s
  • Join events and other activities 

This year the BDVA/DAIRO i-Spaces call is boosted by collaboration with EUHubs4Data project. The EUHubs4Data is launching an open call for Data Innovation Hubs at the same time. Qualifying as an i-Space is a requirement to become a EuHubs4Data DIH. Don't worry, we made the submission easy for you: while applying for the label, you can choose to apply also to become a EUH4D DIH. You don’t have to apply for both, but becoming also a EUH4D DIH on top of getting the i-Space label would give you an access to additional funding. 11 100 – 22 000€, to be specific. Convenient, isn’t it? 

Next steps


So, we got your attention? The call will open on 12th of April. We will post the details then. However, you might want to go through this and this article from previous years to get the idea for criteria and practical things!

We will also have two informative online sessions, reserved for your questions. You might want to register already and put these dates on your calendar:

The deadline for the application is June 15th, 17:00(CET). Follow this website for updates!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at!