Call for BDVA i-Space 2023 labels is open - apply before September 19!

The BDVA i-Space label is used in Europe to assess the quality of data experimentation and innovation hubs. The qualifying BDVA i-Spaces gain exposure, access to expertise and experience, cooperation possibilities, and invitations to events and additional activities by connecting to the larger European ecosystem. Being a BDVA i-Space enhances the hubs' service offerings and allows them to provide value to their local SME business environment. Furthermore, being a BDVA i-Space is a prerequisite for subsequent membership in the EUHubs4Data federation of data-driven innovation hubs.


Apply for BDVA i-Space label here!  


Hubs applying for the i-Space designation are subjected to a comprehensive maturity evaluation. Throughout the process, BDVA assesses the hubs' infrastructure, services, projects, applications, impact, and business strategy. In this edition two new more domains were added for the evaluation being federation capabilities and ethics.The recognized hubs are evaluated and given a score between 0 and 5, classified into five categories: starter, bronze, silver, gold and platinum 

The application process is open also for BDVA non-members. Find all details of the 2023 call for i-Space labels here.

The 2023 call is 8th, and the group of i-Spaces has grown steadily to 37 recognised hubs. Read more about the history of i-Spaces here.