Big Data - HPC workshop in Bologna (July 4th)

In the light of a closer cooperation between the two associations, ETP4HPC and BDVA co-organised a technical exchange meeting on July 4th as part of an EXDCI technical workshop. The focus was on paving the way for a better understanding of the intersections in scope, research directions and priorities of both platforms. In former meetings, the difficulty was finding a common technical language and perspective on common subjects as compute infrastructure and requirements for its next generation. Therefore, a central discussion topic was to develop a commonly accepted view on the differences between typical HPC compute ecosystems and Big Data compute ecosystems.Topics in the agenda included the definition of a Big data - HPC common glossary, Cross-Pollination of HPC and BD technologies, Extreme BD workloads, Collaboration between HPC CoEs and Big Data CoEs, Update on Extreme-Scale Demonstrators (ESDs) and Exascale co-design, user engagement, and the exploration of possible collaborations in view of forthcoming WP2018-2020.

Participants of the workshop HPC (ETP4HPC) - Big Data (BDVA), Bologna, July 4th, 2017