BDVA@ICT2015 Daily Digest 20.10.2015

Today we had a very insightful and playful session titled “Playing the Big Bata Game: competition and collaboration in ecosystems”. In this session, we played a game that was designed based on TNO research into the development of various Data Driven Innovations. A simplified version of reality was translated into a board game with cards, coins, a playing board, etcetera.

Three players (including two distinguished members of the BDVA) developed assets, identified data-driven innovations, collaborated and competed. In the meantime, it was explained to the audience what were the ideas behind the game, what was going on, and why the players behaved the way they did. All this added to the understanding of big data ecosystems. Unfortunately, there was no clear winner… this was also due to the fact that the session had to end because of time restrictions.

20.10.2015 Lisbon, Portugal