BDVA/DAIRO Task Force 7 runs a successful brokerage event to prepare for upcoming HE healthcare calls

BDVA/DAIRO healthcare Sub Group (TF7.SG3) organized a brokerage event on November 14, bringing together the members to pitch ideas and to prepare collaborations for the upcoming Horizon Europe (HE) calls. Based on the feedback collected from members, the organisers gathered the most popular calls and presented the following six calls from the HE Cluster 1:

  • STAYHLTH-01-04 Trustworthy AI tools to predict the risk for chronic non-communicable diseases
  • IND-13-02 Scaling up multi-party computation, data anonymization techniques and synthetic data generation
  • TOOL-12-01 Computational models for new patient stratification strategies
  • TOOL-11-02 New methods for the effective use of real-world data and/or synthetic data in regulatory decision-making and/or in HTA
  • IND-13-01 Enhancing Cybersecurity of connected Medical Devices
  • DISEASE-07-02 Pandemic preparedness

The event followed a footprint set in the first TF7.SG3 brokerage event, held in March. During the session, members pitched their ideas, targeting five of the presented calls. The total of nine presentations included concrete and insightful ideas for potential upcoming projects. All interested members can find the presentations on our intranet.

The two hour session also provided an opportunity for attendees to network, collaborate and share ideas through an interactive online tool. The virtual board will be open until the 26th of November for contributions. BDVA/DAIRO will collect and process the input for further steps after closing the board.

BDVA/DAIRO thanks and congratulates Task Force 7 For their efforts and for the successful event. We are looking forward to continuing the work on the healthcare topics with our members!


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