BDVA/DAIRO and EUHubs4Data workshops bring Data Platforms projects together to support Data Space development

BDVA/DAIRO and EUHubs4Data (European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs) organises a series of workshops to bring ICT-13 and other Data Platform projects closer to data markets. The next event is held on February 1st, focussing on federating assets (data sets and services) from data platform projects, how to interoperate those  and to share best practices for data spaces implementation.

The February sessions build on the previous workshop organised last November 23rd. BDVA/DAIRO Task Force 10 (Data Sharing Spaces) set the context on BDVA White Paper on Data Spaces which is currently under drafting. The day continues with an interactive session led by EUHubs4Data, where ICT-13 projects discuss how to federate their data sets, services and other assets, and how the federation of data platforms can build long-term sustainability and opportunities for exploitation in the data markets. The session is divided into two parts, the first one to learn the current stage of the projects with regards to results, exploitation and sustainability plans. The second part is to capitalise on future opportunities that may arise in matching the value propositions of EUH4D vis-à-vis the Data Platform projects. This will be an interactive session, where input from projects is collected to set concrete actions with regards to assets federation as well as sustainability and exploitation plans. During the afternoon, BDVA/DAIRO Task Forces 6 (Standards) and 10 will present the ongoing activities and outline the opportunities for the projects to contribute to an upcoming BDVA/DAIRO position paper on Data Sharing Spaces and Interoperability. The last session of the day is held by the OpenDEI project, discussing design principles of Data Spaces and aiming to engage the projects with a paper focussing on the topic.

The event series will take place during the course of the year 2022 and is aimed at ICT-13 and other data platform projects, such as the DT-ICT-11 energy data platform projects. All BDVA/DAIRO members are welcome to join. As the projects are reaching 3-years of operation, the goal of the workshop series is to stimulate collaboration, share lessons learnt, collect expertise and guide future activities, supporting the development of Federated data platforms and Data Spaces.


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