BDVA workshop deepens project collaboration in extreme-scale data analytics topics

On Tuesday 27th September 2022, the Big Data Value Association and EUHubs4Data project, with the contribution of the European Commission (DG Connect), held an online workshop with the Horizon 2020 projects on Big Data technologies and extreme-scale analytics (H2020 ICT-51-2020). The workshop engaged the projects with future road mapping actions and strategic agendas, and to work on data spaces, standardisation and other topics with the BDVA task forces. With the session, BDVA connected the projects with EuroHPC, ETP4HPC and other key collaborations, boosting the community around the extreme-scale data analytics. The ICT-51 projects which presented at the event are:

  • DAPHNE - Integrated Data Analysis Pipelines for Large-Scale Data Management, HPC, and Machine Learning
  • EVEREST - dEsign enVironmEnt foR Extreme-Scale big data analytics on heterogeneous platforms
  • MARVEL - Multimodal Extreme Scale Data Analytics for Smart Cities Environments
  • MORE - Management of Real-time Energy Data
  • SELMA - Stream Learning for Multilingual Knowledge Transfer
  • VesselAI - Enabling Maritime Digitalization by Extreme-Scale Analytics, AI and Digital Twins

As these projects are reaching maturity after 1,5-2 years of their start, the event allowed them to give updates on their status, progress and lessons learned, and to outline some follow-up activities targeting specific topics of extreme-scale data analytics with the BDVA. The event engaged the projects also with the federation of BDVA i-Spaces, built by the EUHubs4Data project. Having developed a federated catalogue of datasets, services and courses, EUHubs4Data introduced possibilities to leverage the project to ensure the sustainability and exploitation of the ICT-51 projects' assets created by federating them. In addition, the projects got informed about the current and upcoming BDVA activities.

If you have any questions about the next steps, do not hesitate to contact us at

(Photo by Enis Can Ceyhan on Unsplash)