BDVA publishes a position paper on the latest trends in data protection

The BDVA position paper ”Current Hot Topics in Data Protection” summarizes the latest and emerging challenges and developments in data protection, with a focus on the European Union. The new paper introduces promising technologies and solutions for data protection. It also presents recommendations for industry, researchers, legal authorities and other stakeholders.

The document updates the 2019 BDVA position paper on the same subject as the new technological advances have introduced threats and solutions and made the existing problems more severe. In addition, the longer-term impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has started to become apparent and new relevant legislative acts are being introduced. The paper is written by BDVA members in Task Force 6 (Technical), Subgroup 4 (Data Protection Technologies) and edited by Zoltán Mann (University of Amsterdam)

Data protection is a fundamental topic for digital transformation and the creation of a safe and secure digital environment, as sought by the Digital Decade strategy of the European Commission. BDVA finds the mapping of the new trends in data protection highly important, given the wide-ranging consequences of it for society, technology, policy, and business alike.


Download the paper HERE!