BDVA @ ICT2015, (Lisbon – 20-22 October)

BDVA participated in ICT event held in Lisbon from 20th to 22nd of October 2015. This event was organised by the European Commission, together with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and configured the main meeting point for all ICT related topics in Horizon 2020Policy sessions carried out by the Commission, jointly with Work Programme 2016/2017 thematic sessions presented the main opportunities for Research and Innovation in ICT in the following years. 

Connections were established among participants in the networking sessions or in the exhibition zone, where collaboration agreements for projects was initiated, and startups and SMEs were supported to start, grow and scale up their business throughout Europe and globally in the Startup Europe Forum. 

BDVA was very active in Exhibition area and Networking sessions. booth (PPPs4) in the EC Village in the Ground floor was assisted by BDVA representatives to meet people willing to learn about BDVA or BDV PPP activities. Members were be able to organize some meetings on Big Data in the booth.

A Networking session was organised to explain what is the Big Data Value PPP and the Big Data Value Association, how to join, which are the main instruments that will be used to implement the programme, which companies are already investing in Big Data, how to contribute to the process of updating the European Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda:

“Big Data Value, the new oil of the EU economy and the Big Data Value PPP, the instrument to make it happen” 

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)

The session was followed by a complementary session by EIT Digital. Both of them were run as if it was a single session: 

“Innovation Ecosystems European for Big Data Economy”

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (09:50-10:35) 

In addition, BDVA representatives had an active involvement in other sessions of the networking programme: 

·       “Playing the Big Data game” Room 7, 20/10/2015 (16:00-16:45)

·       “Cyber Physical Big Data Systems: A Convergence of Two Game-Changing Trends”  Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (14:50-15:35)

·       “Cross-Disciplinary Insights on Big Data Challenges and Solutions” Room 7, 21/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)

·       “Big Data: fostering cross-sectorial business models” Room 7, 22/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)

·       “Addressing the Big Data and Data Science Skills” Room 5A, 22/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)

Additional Big Data related sessions were held in the event, like the following: 

·       “Building Apps Based on Open (Spatial) Data” Room 7, 20/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)

·       “Changing gears. Target: Exa-scale - European High-Performance Computing” Room 5B, 20/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)

·       “Enhancing Consent: a vision for Patient Data Protection and Data Management” Room 13, 21/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)

·       “Big Data and Media: a promising synergy” Room 7, 21/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)

·       Open Data in Action Room 5B, 22/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)

·       BigDataEurope: What can big data do for you?”  Room 9, 22/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)


BDVA representatives were pleased to meet interested participants in the booth or networking sessions.