Workshop with Data Life cycle projects

The introductory workshop, facilitated by BDVA and DSSC, provides a platform for 5 Horizon Europe projects (under HORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01-02) to showcase their goals and objectives to a wide and diverse audience, including members of BDVA’s Task Force on Data Spaces and DSSC representatives. These projects will delve into the topic of Data Sharing in the Common EU Data Spaces, engaging industrial stakeholders and others interested in Data Spaces. This event marks an initial interaction between these projects and BDVA & DSSC, setting the stage to identifying their potential contribution to Data Spaces and areas of intersection.

Workshop date and time: 15 February 2024, 11:00 to 13:00 CET 

You will have the chance to discover the 5 new Horizon Europe projects working on the topic: Integration of data life cycle, architectures and standards for complex data cycles and/or human factors, language.

  • Nous (Despina Anastasopoulos | NETCOMPANY) 
  • DataSpace, DataShare 2.0 (Juha Pekka Soininen | VTT)    
  • CEDAR (Thodoris Semertzidis | CERTH ITI)  
  • PLIADES (Dimitrios Giakoumis | CERTH ITI)  
  • CyclOps (Monica Caballero Galeote | NTT Data)  

These projects are working under common objectives and contribute to the following expected impacts: 

  • Improved European leadership in the global data economy 
  • Maximised social and economic benefits from the wider and more effective use of data 
  • Reinforced Europe’s ability to manage urgent societal challenges (e.g. data for crisis management, digital for clean).

Are you interested in joining the discussion? Please contact for more information.