The BDVA community publishes a book showing how big data and AI applications solve real-life problems

Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value explores cutting-edge solutions and best practices for big data and data-driven AI applications for the data-driven economy. It provides an overview of technologies and methods which enable data value chains and which can be applied in any sector.

Taking a practical approach, the book looks into key application domains by giving experience reports and lessons learned from using big data and data-driven approaches in processes and applications. The sectors covered include health, law, finance, retail, manufacturing, mobility, transport and smart cities.

The first part of the book focuses on key technical contributions which enable data value chains. The second part is dedicated to processes and applications. It gives invaluable insight to practitioners and industry experts who are working with data-driven systems, software design and deployment projects and solving real-life problems. For the researchers and students in the fields of big data, data science, data engineering, machine learning and AI, the book is an essential addition to the reading list.

As the publication is open access book, you can download it for free here. In case you prefer classic paperbacks, you can order a copy from many online stores.


Download the open access book here!  

"Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value" is a result of the work of the BDVA community, launched by the Big Data Value ecosystem project in 2020. The previous book by the community, 
"The Elements of Big Data Value", was published in 2021. The next book in the series will focus on data spaces.

"Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value" is edited by Edward Curry (Insight Centre for Data Analytics), Sören Auer (Leibniz University of Hannover), Arne J. Berre (SINTEF), Andreas Metzger (University of Duisburg-Essen), Maria S. Perez and Sonja Zillner (Siemens). The book has also contributions from many other BDVA members. We congratulate and thank the writers for their excellent work and are looking forward to the upcoming publications!