BDVA and PPP projects participated in the RDA EU Data Innovation Forum

Representatives from the BDVA and AEGIS, BigDataOcean, DataBio, MyHealthMyData and Special PPP Projects participated in the Research Data Alliance (RDA) EU Data Innovation Forum, held in Brussels on the 30th of January 2018 and shared their results and examples of challenges to be met, in the overall context of the European Data Economy and data-driven innovation in Europe, and mapped to ongoing activities or future challenges to be addressed by the RDA.

BDVA and PPP projects contributed to some of the main recommendations provided by the RDA, namely i) BioSharing recommendations for data repositories, standards and policies, ii) Scalable Dynamic-data Citation methodology to enable the identification of arbitrary sub selections of data at a given point, and iii) Persistent Indentifier Type Register, which contains a conceptual model for structuring typed information, an application programming interface for access to typed information and a demonstrator implementing the interface. 

The presentations used during the Forum are available on event web-site