BDVA and etami join forces to advance reliable and trustworthy AI

In a unique collaboration between science and industry, BDVA x etami joins companies, universities and research organisations to advance their contribution in making artificial intelligence a reliable and trustworthy technology.

The Big Data Value Association is a renown industry-driven non-profit organisation focussing on enabling the digital transformation of the economy and society through data and artificial intelligence. etami started as a project between a select set of partners who share the common interest of making artificial intelligence reliable and trustworthy, and has now transferred to a Task Force in BDVA.

BDVA and etami agree that reliable and trustworthy AI will drive the digital transformation in Europe and can deliver maximum positive outcomes for society, environment, and economy.

In its initial phase the etami project focused on delineating the social, legal, and business risks associated with AI systems, rethinking AI lifecycle models considering quality assurance, and promoting auditing throughout the system’s life cycle.

Within BDVA, etami’s practices are to be further developed and piloted across different domains, and to be coupled with proper software tooling. Also, further issues including fairness and non-discrimination will be taken up as Focus Points of etami.

Our joint mission is to bridge research into the topic to reliable and trustworthy engineering, while keeping universal ethical values at the core.