BDVA Activity Group meetings are back on-site: join AG50 in Brussels!

The fiftieth BDVA Activity Group meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st of September in Brussels. Representatives from the European Commission will join to present the Digital Decade Policy Programme and give updates on topics such as EDIHs, the implications for digital innovation hubs and Digital Skills. Also, the AG will allow you to get the latest developments related to the Data Strategy implementation, with a particular focus on Data Spaces, the Data Act and standardisation.

During the AG, there will be an opportunity for our members to pitch and introduce their organisation, project, topics in WP for HE and DEP, or any other topic they find important. If you are interested in pitching, let us know before September 2nd!

This AG meeting is the first one to be held on-site after the COVID-19 crisis started. In addition to the informative sessions, we will host a networking lunch for members. Join the meeting, get all the latest information on R&I funding developments and BDVA activities and meet your community colleagues!

Please note, that you need to register your attendance. You can find more details about the AG50 on the members' intranet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

(Photo by François Genon on Unsplash)