Automotive and Energy sub-groups officially established in BDVA/DAIRO

BDVA is thrilled to announce the official establishment of two new sub-groups under Task Force 7 - Applications, focusing on automotive and energy.

The automotive and energy application areas are extremely important from a data sharing perspective and data driven innovation is affecting them profoundly. The establishment of these two sub-groups will allow BDVA to gather and share expertise on best practices for data sharing within the automotive and energy value chains and to provide input to policy makers and standardisation bodies concerning possible areas of intervention. The two sub-groups will also foster the emergence of communities of practice in these areas within BDVA.

BDVA applaudes to the efforts of the promoters of these initiatives and welcomes the nominated Task Force Leaders:

  • Automotive sub-group: Bernhard Peischl - Co-Lead (AVL) and Oihana Otaegui - Co-Lead (Vicomtech)
  • Energy sub-group: Philippe Calvez - Lead (ENGIE)

The plan for 2021 for these sub-groups includes organisation of workshops with the community, fostering discussions with relevant research projects and publication of paper such as on Big Data challenges for the Energy domain or Big Data for the Automotive industry.

Both sub-groups are supported by a large number of BDVA Members who are keen to take part in the activities and to advance the debate on these application areas.

If you are interested in the activities of these sub-groups do not hesitate to contact us at