AG49 brings EU policymakers, HPC, data and AI communities together

On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of March, the BDVA community reunited over a two days Activity Group meeting.  The 49th AG meeting looked outside the borders of the Big Data research & innovation community and brought inputs from different fields that impact the Big Data ecosystem. The meeting also hosted the European Commission to present recent regulatory developments, and the Data Spaces Business Alliance to open its doors for a wider audience.

On the first day, BDVA met with EuroCC, the network of competence centres on High-Performance Computing (HPC) together with the EUHubs4Data project (federation of i-Spaces). Also the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking was present, of which BDVA is a member. The workshop connects the data, AI and HPC ecosystems, found synergies and addressed common topics and challenges.

The second day was focused on the EU policy framework. BDVA, with the Data Spaces Business Alliance (BDVA, FIWARE, Gaia-X, IDSA), has invited the European Commission to present the newly published Data Act and the EC Standardisation Strategy. The European Commission has an ambitious plan to deliver its policy programme “Path to the Digital Decade”, in which Data play a fundamental role. For this reason, the engagement of the Big Data community is fundamental to unlock its potential and understand the policy challenges. The event was publicly streamed, and participants had the chance to ask questions to the EC representatives during the interactive Q&A sessions.

The AG49 will then continued as a BDVA internal workshop and TF5.Policy & Societal provided a critical overview of the EC strategy and policies, and engaged the audience in an interactive session to discuss what the new EC regulatory framework means for the Big Data community in Europe. This was also an occasion to launch a working group tasked with writing a BDVA position paper on the Data Act. The second day continued with pitches from members, updates from BDVA Task Forces and useful information from the Secretariat to the community.

To retrieve the material that was presented, and watch the recorded sessions, please access this folder on SAP Jam (restricted to BDVA members only).

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